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Here at ibathwarehouse we aim to bring you your dream bathroom and more! Our multi-purpose showroom, based in Sheffield, is full of polite staff and cups of coffee. 

If you're not entirely sure what you want yet, don't worry! Our team has incredible knowledge on every product we sell, so we can direct you to what is right for you!

Above you will see our wide range for websites that stock the best quality products in the country and have the most competitive prices in the industry! 

If you're here looking for your dream bathroom then we recommend starting your journey with us through the ibath website. Here you will be able to find the most premium products on the market, as well as products for those who are on a budget. A majority of our products are manufactured in Britain therefore delivery is fast and you don't need to worry about any products being damaged during shipping.

If you're here looking for a radiator you finish off a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else in the house then we suggest you visit our irad website. Here you will find all kinds of different radiators ranging from designer radiators, to column radiators as well as the valves to match them and finish off the product!

We have the largest variety of cladding products in England and it is ever expanding! If you'd like a flashy finish on your walls or a toned down matte black, we have it all on our icladd website!

Each of our websites have a live chat feature so if you get stuck send us a quick message and our team will get back to you as soon as they are free!

Don't forget we do huge sales every day and provide massive discounts!